The “Olympic Game of Life”, starring: Parents and Kids!



As you tuned into the Olympic Games in Tokyo to watch these elite athletes compete – it comes to you: keeping kids happy and entertained for two months in the summer, and let’s face it for 18 years; demands its own flexibility, strength, and loads of endurance every day! You begin to think of yourself as an elite athlete, one who’s been training for years or months. And guess what? YOU ARE an elite athlete! One who sacrifices everything for your child or children for many years – not just a season.

Let’s face it: ALL parents deserve a gold medal, just because they are parents! The actual “job” of having children, raising them, and staying sane has always been a true “Olympian”-feat. And, honestly – every parent deserves a gold medal for all of the little things as well as the huge, mind-boggling events such as: waking up at all hours to feed, change or comfort a crying infant; consoling a toddler after his or her first fall, skinned knee, or bruised elbow; birthing a child for women; to controlling the tears (both parents and kids) of the first day of school; to pre-school, middle school, junior high, high school, college graduations to the first car, first apartment, first everything! Each accomplishment, stage and triumph, and defeat is felt through every cell in the body and no amount of prep-work can prepare you for the trials and tribulations as well as the accomplishments and proud moments.  



Let’s have a look at what events/sports might be included if Parenting was an Olympic category:

1. Diaper Changing 

Diaper Changing: This is the 100 meters of the Parent-games right??!! Let’s face it…changing diapers is probably one of the least favorite things for parents to do, yet has become a daily reality check every few hours for several years for parents. Figuring out the quickest, easiest, least messy diaper change is a challenge, to say the least! If you can’t change a diaper in under 10 seconds – you’re automatically disqualified.

Suggested sub-categories:

  • Quickest diaper change 
  • Cleanest diaper change
  • 1-handed diaper change
  • Best poo-art

2. Juggling

As a parent, who hasn’t made dinner while holding a baby, talking on the phone, corralling the pets, etc? This is a daily or even hourly event and the strategies as well components change before, during, and after the event on a regular basis.

Suggested sub-categories:

  • 1-child 
  • 2+ children
  • 1-adult/parent
  • 2-adults/parents

3. Parent Pentathlon

An example of the mommy/daddy-a-thon: Getting Someplace: wake up child, get child dressed, feed child, get child into car, get child to daycare or school. Bonus points if you do the same (i.e. wake up, get dressed, feed yourself, get into the car and make it to the destination).

Suggested sub-categories:

  • Cooking dinner
  • Planning a vacation
  • Getting to soccer/dance (sports) practice

A few honorable mentions:

Best one-liner for the “first fall”

Best explanation of the “facts of life” talk to the teenager

Relay all-nighter – this one is a partner game – who’s up next?


So when the Para-Olympics begin (in just a few weeks) and then we gear up for the next Winter Olympics (you have a small bit of time for this one), and eventually even the next Summer Olympics (seems like a whole lot of time – you and I both know that it isn’t!) – remember that most of those athletes probably couldn’t or wouldn’t do your job either.

Which parenting sport are you competing in today? Whatever it is, just know – you’ve earned a Gold Medal just because you ARE a parent. Now go out and make your own Gold – you can make it a craft project with the whole family.


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