Summer Bucket List – Pandemic Edition


The pandemic really hit us hard. After last year’s quarantine, we can now slowly enjoy summer as it should be. As long as we follow the safety protocols, we will be good. As we are approaching halfway through the summer break, we have created a Summer Bucket list you and the family can enjoy safely.

summer bucket list paintingSummer Bucket List: INDOOR FUN!

  1. Read A Book – There are plenty of books you can read through. You can check out GoodReads Summer Reading list. It has suggestions of not only bestsellers but also up-and-coming authors from all genres. 
  2. Start Sewing – With the high amount of environmental impact our clothes does, it is always good to upcycle old clothes into something new. Don’t know where to start? Check out this Beginners Sewing Guide that gives you all the deets from needles to fabric to stitching. Make sure you ask an adult for supervision.
  3. Make A Tie-Die – Another Upcycle crafts you and your family can enjoy. Found out this Tie Dye Your Summer site who not only provides tutorials but also your materials for your DIY.
  4. Bake A Cake – This is probably everyone’s go-to activity. But did you know you can do this with your toddlers? It’ll be fun, let’s just be excited with all the flour going every where. (Hooray!:|) Found these easy recipes you can do with the kids. Check that out,
  5. Create your Own ICECREAM! – Since it must be scorching hot outside, you are most welcome to have a look at our list of Creative Ice Cream recipes you can create at home. Though, this list just might not be all kid friendly *wink*

summer bucket list dinner with the familySummer Bucket List: BACKYARD FUN!

  1. Set-up A Pool – with the Virus still lurking around, a public pool just might not be your best bet at the moment. Check out this list of Comfy Inflatable Pools your family can use for the rest of the summer.
  2. Summer Cookout – It is always fun to share a good meal with the family. With the sunny weather, it’ll be a great chance to bond through Barbecue, drinks, and a couple of outdoor games with the fam. Make sure you got everything you need by checking out this BBQ Essentials list.
  3. Gardening with the Kids – What best way to enjoy the sun but to grow some plants in your garden. Double and triple the fun with the kids around. Check out these tips for Gardening with Kids.

summer bucket list outdoors with the familySummer Bucket List: Outside your Fence Fun!

  1. Go for A Hike – Have a look at your neighborhood and you just might find an interesting place to hike. Here are a couple of reminders for your hiking.
  2. Take a Bike Ride – Take your hike up a notch by doing a bike ride. Make sure you de these Pre-Ride Checks for a safe ride.
  3. Picnic by the Park – Well, you can cap off your hike/ bike trip with a quick picnic. You can prepare any of these Easy Picnic Meals the whole Family will enjoy.

I’m pretty sure there are still heaps of things you can explore in and out of your house to enjoy summer.

Share with us your summer getaways.

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