When Covid-19 hit, we suddenly found ourselves locked in our homes. For most of us parents life was hectic enough before the pandemic, but then all of a sudden, we became; full time teachers, coaches, activity directors, chefs, logistics experts and all around jugglers. We found ourselves relying on the tips, advice and ideas of our friends, family and even strangers. This collective knowledge lived in our texts, whatsapp, emails, FB and hundreds of individual sites. This sparked in us the creation of a space created by parents for parents to share tips, ideas and knowledge. Serendipity gave us Parentipity.

We are initially launching as a blog site for the world’s parents… Soon after launching we will be introducing “TIPITYs” which really are tidbits of content generated by our users. These packaged “TIPs” will be curated, formatted and social media shareable infographics of information. Our goal is to be the best spot on the internet to find consistently valuable, easy to implement and digestible parent insights from gardening tutorials and science experiments to behavior and exercise tips. 

The inspiration to launch Parentipity comes from the belief that WE as parents collectively are very powerful… The goal is to build a site that empowers the creativity and problem solving skills of the worlds parents.

What Is an Alpha Pioneer?

A select group of engaged parents from our network whom we’re asking for feedback on this project. We’re from all walks of life and from around the world. The site is in “alpha” phase right now, meaning it largely functions even while we’re perfecting design and finding bugs. During our alpha phase we need to do 2 things before a much larger global launch in a matter of weeks. 1) find user problems/errors/improvements 2) build content in our site.

What can you do to assist in our launch? 

Be one of our first users! Tell us what needs to be fixed, your ideas and… find topics you’re passionate about and share tips with other parents via our “forums” If you’re searching for ideas… or want feedback on a particular area… post that too. ?

“Pioneer Perks”

Your help and participation is essential to the launch of Parentipity… we are a site created by parents for parents. All Pioneers will receive lifetime access to premium content… you’ll be an insider, we’ll keep you informed on the growth of the site and evolution. Any opportunity or perk that we can afford the pioneers… we will. Thank you for your time and we look forward to your feedback.

Know a good Pioneer? We need Pioneers in every major metro area (Chicago, NYC, Miami, etc) and we need in multiple countries. We’re launching in 10+ languages and need Pioneers in France, Italy, Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, India and others… If you know a good Pioneer candidate, please make an introduction to us at


Can you please:

: Register at our development site (Alpha)

: Explore the site, let us know if you have any ideas to improve it or discover any glitches or challenges.

: Post any content you’re passionate about under  “forums”  share some of your best tips… and/or find a forum where you’d like some feedback and post a question or comment

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Go Register at:

Join the Bash Video Hangout:
Thursday, June 25th, 8-11pm PST

Give us your feedback and ideas:
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