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    Some ideas have come to mind for potential inventions and developments related to preventing infections in everyday life.

    1) UV-light disinfecting capability built into microwave and range ovens. Toss in your mail and packages and take them out an hour later, painlessly sanitized.

    2) Hats/caps with fans or other downward airflow. In addition to blocking/filtering ambient air, another way to push respiratory droplets away from your nose and mouth is to simply gently blow air downwards in front of your face. The reason why social distancing works is that droplets from an infected person are drawn down by gravity as they travel across the gap.

    3) Similarly, future restaurant and office designs may have fresh air intakes at the ceiling, and air exhaust built into floor. Maybe an opportunity for Dyson? Simply having ceiling fans could be a simple approach too.

    4) Kick handles on doors. Some way to open doors without using your hands

    5) A means to replicate any Point of Sale UI on your smartphone, so you don’t need to touch the Pinpad to push buttons or sign your name. Even with the advent of systems like Apple Pay, this is still a pain point.

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