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    Hey Parents! I’m a fun loving dad who is always looking for creative ways to take the simple things in life and turn them into something awesome. Pool noodles have always been a fun medium for me. I’ve done the light saber thing for years but wanted to challenge myself and my kids to be a bit more daring. We created these two swords this past week and have been dueling each day at sunset. Its been fun and quite the workout but I’m looking for new ideas.

    If you’re new to pool noodle swords they are super easy to make. All you need is a pool noodle, a 3/4″ pvc pipe (it fits perfectly into the middle of a pool noodle), some duct tape, and some imagination. My son shaped his sword into a mock up of Cloud Strife’s (gamer nerds know who I’m talking about) and my daughter made the short sword and wanted it to be “shiny” like real metal. Joy

    Anyone else have tips they can share with me?

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