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    Hey there, wondering if anybody else is using cooking not just as an opportunity to teach cooking but to teach other things… I did it once and it was awesome.. but i’m sure there is a lot more I cant think of..

    for example.. my boys (9-11) and I cooked cinnamon rolls from scratch, using this simple recipe (YUM)… highly recommend..

    They loved it and its complicated enough that they have to stay focused and yet simple enough that they can do every step and its very hands on (rolling dough, melting butter, mixing, NO DOUBT the crowd pleaser was my own memory from childhood: when it says cut the rolls.. use a piece of simple sewing thread or floss and wrap it around the rolled dough and pull in opposite directions across each other at the top..

    anyway.. they loved cooking them and they were Delicious, but what we did in the end was I showed them the label from the Pillsbury rolls we had in the fridge so that they could compare the difference in ingredients from freshly made and preservative laden/factory made check out these ingredients..

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