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    Hello internet! I’m not used to writing blogs, but I thought I’d give it a try. I’m more of a nature guy and love being outdoors and active. My wife is the total opposite and is content being indoors. She is also afraid of the virus so most of my activities have been extremely limited. No more biking with the guys, rock climbing trips, or early surf mornings. But I am a fairly new remarried man so I’d like to keep this one as happy as I can. I don’t have my own kids, but I love my stepdaughter. She and I have a pretty solid relationship and she is interested in my outdoor adventures.

    While we’ve been on the lockdown, my wife has allowed us to neighborhood walks (given we stay more than the six feet distance and hose off before coming in the house). My stepdaughter and I have been having great conversations. We talk about current events, sports, friend drama, and anything else that comes to mind. I’m grateful for this time actually because I don’t know if I would have bonded so closely with her without it.

    On one of our last walks I noticed some flowers coming into bloom. The sheer number of buds caught my eye and just livened up the environment. As we kept walking, I would notice the same flowers under a shaded tree. But these flowers weren’t as eye catching. You could almost just pass them by without noticing them. It was at this point I had a revelation about life. I asked Gwen (my stepdaughter) what she noticed about the flowers. She thought I was weird and said nothing. We pass by them every day. They are just flowers.

    I agreed with her, but I said look at how many flowers are blooming in the sunshine. There are a lot more of them and they make the area look amazing. They will probably die out quicker because of the direct sunlight but what a life they have lived. I contrasted it to the flowers under the tree. They were protected by the shade it provided but it just wasn’t exciting. They will probably live longer but it just looked dull. The tree that was providing cover was also taking the flowers’ water. What looked to be a safe shelter was leeching their existence. (Ok maybe this is all stemming from other issues with my wife but it spoke to me.)

    I rather live a life in full bloom and go out in a blaze of glory than to live a long life sheltered and mundane. But maybe that’s just me. Thanks for letting me vent. Check out my pics. Sorry I’m not the best photographer.

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