Parentipity Creator Bounty Program​

Parentipity Creator Bounty Program​

At Parentipity, we pay it forward to our Creators and give everyone the opportunity to earn rev share for awesome content. We are proud of what we have created – a one of a kind revenue sharing program where ALL parents can begin profiting immediately.

Creator Bounty Program Admission Requirements

Any TIPity qualifies for the Creator Bounty Program so long as it applies to the “spirit” of the TIPity:  1) Original Content 2) Unique morsel of parent wisdom/experience 3) Easily replicable/learning value. 

The following criteria must be met before a TIPity author can be considered for admission to the Creator Bounty Program.

  1. Creator must have shared content from Parentipity to one social account
  2. Creator must invite 5 friends
  3. Creator must have 5 published TIPities
    1. To be published a TIPity must be approved by our editorial committee.
    2. TIPities may be rejected at our discretion. Reasons for rejection may include content quality, subject matter, copyright issues, violation of our terms of service or other reasons.
    3. TIPities must be the original work of the author

Creator Bounty Program Payouts

A $10 bounty will be awarded to Creators for TIPities once they are published to the site. Bounties will be doubled to $20 when the TIPities meet the following criteria:

Double Creator Bounty Program Payout Requirements

  1. A TIPity must generate 100 unique user page views on the Parentipity site to be eligible for payout by the Double Creator Bounty Program.
  2. TIPities must adhere to our standards of content quality, subject matter, copyright protection, and our Terms of Service.
  3. A TIPity must be largely composed of original content created by the author. (supporting links, videos, references are ok)

All statistics such as pageviews will be subject to validation by Parentipity staff. Fraud or activity that violates our Terms of Service will result in the Creator being removed from the Creator Bounty Program and all bounties being revoked.

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