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Parentipity is truly THE Parent Creator Community because it’s the ONLY social media site that pays parents for their posts.

You share content. We bring eyeballs and advertisers. You get cash.

Why work for Facebook for free when you can share with Parentipity and get paid?

This unique platform rewards creativity so Parentipity attracts the best creators from around the globe. That’s why it’s home to the most informative and fun parent-focused videos, blog posts, coaching sessions, and more.

Our interactive and collaborative platform is also a place to meet. It brings parents together to support one another, brainstorm ideas, vent frustrations, and share their parenting journey.

Changing the World One TIPity at a Time

Parentipity’s exclusive TIPity technology makes its content stand out from the rest. TIPitys capture videos, links, photos, and advice, then transform them into easily-digestible social butterflies. Every TIPity is optimized for sharing and search engine optimization, making it easy for them to take flight and find the audience they deserve.

Each TIPity has a life of its own. You never know where your post will end up and whose life it’ll change.

It’s THE Site for Parents

Parentipity is where parents go to find valuable and easy-to-implement insights and tips and engage within an ever-growing global parenting network.

Want to start a garden?
Need some science experiment ideas for your kids’ class?
Wondering how to get your baby to sleep through the night?
Need help getting your teenager out of bed by 7:30 am?
Looking for clever birthday party ideas?

It’s all here.

We’re only getting started!

We are blazing new trails and changing how the world produces and consumes powerful content. We challenged ourselves to simplify the creation and sharing of tips between parents
— now it’s time for you to discover the power of the TIPity.