15 Easy Hidden Veggie Recipes for Kids

We know for a fact that vegetables should be a kid’s best friend.  Unfortunately, this isn?t the case for most young ones. May it be a bad earlier experience when they were introduced to a certain vegetable or the taste just didn?t sit well with their palate. Whatever the case may be, we have found 15 foolproof ways to hide the veggies in your child?s menu. Imagine the look on their faces when they realize how their veggies are hidden in these meals.

Savory Veggie Recipes

Nuggets and pizzas are big hits for our kids. These ultimate hits have their very own healthy alternatives and why not try them? 


Veggie Pastas Recipes

Plates of pasta are easy preps meals for busy parents. Wouldn?t hurt to make them healthy.


Dessert Veggies

Possibly the favorite meal for both kids and adults. These versions will not only cater to their sweet tooth but also put added nutrients.


What other Hidden Veggie recipe have you tried? Did your kids love it?


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