10 Creative Ice Creams to Celebrate National Creative Ice Cream Day

There is nothing a scoop of ice cream could not fix. Well, it might not fix the broken toy car or the doll who’s now unrecognizable with all the paint but it sure does stop the kids from crying. ???

For sure, we have our go-to flavor to calm the kids down but what about for us parents? Wouldn’t it be nice to once in a while go crazy with our scoop of ice cream? It just might give us the right kick (or the right tipsiness) that we need to get us through. Check out these amazing Ice Cream flavors we found.



Who says ice creams should always be sweet? Check out these ice creams that will tickle your taste buds…

  1. Latte Wasabi Pea Crunch Ice Cream Cones 
  2. Sriracha Ice Cream 
  3. Hedges Rosemary Ice Cream 
  4. Curry Coconut Ice Cream 
  5. No Churn Chinese Five Spice Ice Cream 



It’s always 5pm somewhere. Amiright? These flavors will definitely make you all wobbly. A caution though, keep these flavors out of children’s reach. 

  1. Red Wine Ice Cream
  2. Rum Cherry Ice Cream 
  3. Whiskey and Spiced Walnut Ice Cream 
  4. The Ultimate Horchata Ice Cream 
  5. Pumpkin Maple Pecan Bourbon Ice Cream (Vegan)  



The list doesn’t end there. We’ve rounded up a few more flavors that you might love or hate.

  1. Sili Ice cream Recipe 
  2. Red Curry-Pandan Ice Cream 
  3. Pink Peppercorn and Sake Ice Cream 
  4. Licorice Ice Cream 
  5. Cognac Medjool Date Ice Cream


If you had to create a fun flavor, what would that be? 

Share your recipe…


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